Saturday, August 16, 2014

Studio One hits Las Vegas for Hip Hop International 2014

What a great week in Las Vegas!!!  Studio One, led by Julie Johnson,  placed 3rd in the HHI USA competition which earned them a place to compete against 48 other countries in International competition.  Staying true to their beliefs and unique style, they WOWED the audience and received a standing ovation in the Preliminary round!!  Scores showed them at 7.27 with a -1.0 deduction for implementing "dangerous" tricks. A raw score of 8.27 would have brought them into 7th place and into the World Semi-Finals.  The team knew what it meant to perform their original routine and showed the world what they were made of.  Congratulations Studio One!!!  We are all proud of you!!

Videos and Photos below....

Here's the link for all the photos: (still adding days :)  )

Hip Hop International 2014
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HHI 2014 World Competition Routine

HHI 2014 USA Competition Routine