Monday, July 28, 2014

UNITE!!! Donny Rockem Schiller's Class on March 19th, 2014 in Winter Park/Orlando FL

UPDATE: 7/28/14

Great class this evening with Donny "DJ" Rockem Schiller at Studio One.

UNITE!!  $10 for class...  10 pm EVERY Wednesday

Music by Ross David ... "Fire Burnin"

Orlando All-Stars Gym
7307 Sandcove Ct, Winter Park 32792
Many thanks goes out to Ross David for stopping by the studio last night during rehearsal.  We were surprised and grateful to get a visit from the artist DJ selected to choreograph back in March.  Dancers/choreographers usually select musical pieces which inspire and move them to express what they feel.  The look on DJ's face when he met Ross David was priceless.

Ross David and Donny "DJ" Rockem Schiller

Ross David and Chloe Palmieri

After a hard session

Added more videos below...

Here are a couple of stills...

white background dancer